Be positive every day 正能量的每一天

Happy mind, happy life. We went through cancer, pain and breakdowns, so we know wellness, happiness and freedom require a healthy body and mind. In a hustling and bustling city like Hong Kong, we all need our own oasis. We created Positiv Wellness so we can share a piece of ours with those who want more balance and peace in their lives.

We strive to create a simple and peaceful environment using recycled materials and zen design. Energy is important to what we do. In our studio, we promote vegan, cruelty-free and mindful concepts. Whether you are having a plant-based smoothie or joining a fitness class, you’ll feel the positive energy running through this space. Positiv Wellness is a hangout where friends can chill, exercise, play and learn together. It’s professional yet family-style here.

Join us for group classes, private classes or tailor-made courses to rejuvenate your body and mind using fitness moves, Pilates, yoga, meditation, wellness classes and plant-based, whole foods. We welcome you to join us for a chat over a cup of tea and some delicious vegan treats.

The world changes when our mind and heart change, for the better.


Positiv Wellness是一個三五知己聚集地,也是一個運動、休憩和學習素食和健康的地方。創辦人採用了多種植物,環保物料和禪修概念,顯現了正能和優雅,在這個淨素運動工作室內,由運動、瑜伽、普拉提、靜坐、到烹飪或營養班上都是本著純素和正念的宗旨。