Testimonial 感言

“Angieさんの 勉学意欲とプレゼンの素晴らしさに感動しました。私としては高嶺の花に接したような気分でした。種々のご配慮感謝致します。” Kazue, Retiree

“本当に尊敬します。とても刺激を受けました。私も私なりにもう少し勉強時間を増やそうと思いました。” Yukiko, Retiree

“貴重な時間を割いて頂きありがとうございました。とても勉強になりました。” Mayumi, Retiree

“Joined the Minimalist Running Workshop. After 4 classes, I’m able to run 3k non-stop! This has never happened to me before! I felt so happy to accomplish such distances non-stop. Thank you Angie for such good teaching! Will join other classes later.” - Christine, Pharmacist at a private hospital

“A cozy and nice place to recharge and work out.” - Wai Yin, Administrator at a meditation center


“Love the passionate tutors and environment. A great place to exercise and relax.” - Janet, Teacher at a primary school

“As a healthcare provider, I’m in fact not the healthiest of the bunch. Having heard how trainer Angie regained her health through a plant-based and active lifestyle, I decided to give it a try too! Three months down the road with Positiv Wellness, I have seen myself gaining strength and stamina, but what’s more important is that the workouts are FUN! Still lots to work on but the friendly ambience at Positiv Wellness definitely keeps me going!”- Joan, Doctor at a public hospital

“Since participating in Angie’s one-on-one personal training program six months ago; I have noticed an overall improvement on my physical wellbeing and have built up stronger core muscles.  Angie is patient, professional and never compromises on safety when working out. I am impressed with Angie’s passion in imparting her knowledge and strong commitment in promoting the benefits of veganism and physical wellness to the community. A professional coach with positive vibes whom I will highly recommend to anyone pursuing for overall wellness. ”   - Ellie, Director of Human Resources at a five-star hotel chain

“Love the concept of holistic wellness instead of fitness only. I feel very relaxed and refreshed every time I visit Positiv Wellness, a place full of positive energy.” - Krami, Medical Audio Typist at a body check Centre

“I happened to find Angie and her studio on a WeChat platform that it has become one of the most grateful things here during my study. Angie is a great coach with professional instructions while caring for all her students. I never feel any pressure here as to “push to the limits”, and only feel relaxed and peaceful especially for my mindset…but don’t get me wrong, the class is never too easy and you have to challenge yourself. Comparing to the old version of yourself, everyday you’re evolving, becoming a better, healthier and happier you. My strength definitely improves so much after her classes. I still remembered the very first day I came to her place, finding out I couldn’t even do a standard plank but now I can obviously do more! Apart from the classes, Angie is really good at cooking, making delicious vegan food, showing people vegan is not just greens, not having to eat like a rabbit. Her post workout food is absolutely yum. If you ever sign up for classes, never miss the food.
Also the studio is a platform where you meet many interesting girls and having more friends who share the same values, and it’s always more fun to exercise with others instead of doing at home facing a cold laptop screen. Students are really nice and helpful here…feel like you find another home filled with positiveness. Thanks again to Angie and Positiv Wellness! She helps me a lot especially during strength training and gradually became a real life model to me personally. Here I’m on a trip to discover myself, but I’m not alone. I have Angie, amazing mentor, I have other girls as companies as well.” - Artemis, Economics Student at a local university

很喜歡上拉筋班,在一個小小嘅寧靜環境,每星期上兩堂每堂兩小時,是我最舒服最放鬆嘅時候。每次拉完筋都特別好瞓。- Christine, Director at a Boxing Gym

我覺得做了運動後精神了很多,病少了。第一次跑步時肚子有抽筋,第二次上跑步課時,慢慢學習呼吸,已經沒有抽筋的現象了!- Annie, Housewife

“上堂時氣氛很舒服,又有健康素食,感覺教練好用心對每位學員。就是這個環境令我有動力每星期做運動!“ - Ka Ling, Graphic Designer at a toys company

“小帕教練讓我明白到健康其實非常簡單 - 運動、飲食、休息,以及正面心態。之前試過不同的方法,都不見太大成效,健康也不見改善,還是容易生病感冒。自17年接觸小帕後,在沒有任何補充品扶助下,只是單純針對式的訓練,健康體魄大大改善。自去年暑假開始,都沒再感冒生病過。以前很多做不到的動作,都逐一達到,連自己也覺得難以置信。當然跟小帕學習食素,參加小帕所安排的素食旅行活動,也是其中一個令我身、心、胃大大提升的因素!不用擔心質疑,只要相信堅持。” - Sophie, Fashion Designer at a casual wear chain store

“瘦身修身似乎是女人一生中的事業。過往嘗試過不同方式減肥,但健康的方法莫過於適量的運動和均衡飲食。在我來說,運動是個人的事,通常都是自己一個做,可是我並不積極,又怕沉悶。去gym踩機或者舉鐵會覺得很無聊,即使1對1跟教練也覺得死板。後來也有學習瑜伽、氣功等,也因欠缺動力,只是斷斷續續的練習,效果不是太理想。後來在Facebook認識小帕,只知道她純素女教練,跟著便跟她和其他同學小班運動。跟小帕運動不會悶的,可以由室內玩到戶外,她會利用不同的小工具就可以做到運動的效果,帶氧、肌肉訓練以至拉筋放鬆都有。除此之外,小帕會很細心留意每一個學生的需要,會循序漸進,而且會給予鼓勵,令學生向不可能的任務前進。經過一段時間的練習,除了達到瘦身修身的效果,身體的健康也改善了。其次可以享受到運動帶來的開心,有好幾次的人生的第一次都交托了小帕,還有的是認識了很多正能量的新朋友!一個行為改變是需要學習、保持信念、練習而變成習慣。”  - Ka Sze, Registered Nurse at a public hospital

“Angie P. 小帕是我在2016年遇到的一位最不一樣的純素教練。她專業、貼心的教導,令我對運動有全新的看法。她可以利用不同的物件和身邊的任何環境變成你的「運動場」,跟她街練也令我發掘了香港有很多「hidden gem」。感恩小帕 ,你令我體驗到運動不是痛、是美好、也是好fun!”  - Sheeta, Event Planner at a local university

“2016年7月開始參加Angie P. 小帕的運動班,起初都係諗住跟朋友一起去試下,叫做有個伴,而且自己真係好耐冇做過運動,生完兩個小朋友後,體重有升冇跌,亦感覺到自己體力好差,行幾級樓梯都做氣喘,就下定決心去做運動。初初上堂真係覺得好辛苦,因為平時冇做開運動,做完成身散晒,但適應後,又好期待下一堂快些到,因為每次上堂都笑聲滿載!Angie亦帶給我們一些新挑戰,會因應每個人的能力,協助我們完成,好有成功感,課堂後成個人精神晒!
以前做運動時胃和腸會抽筋,做帶氧運動也會氣喘,原來我唔識得抖氣!Angie教懂我呼吸技巧,當然加上勤力練習,現在可以跑到3K,係冇喘氣!放假陪小朋友跑公園唔洗怕啦!多謝Angie的耐心教導,我會繼續Keep住做運動!”  - Lena, Owner of a property agency

“第一次上微信视频私教课,一次新的体验。人美心善的小帕在了解我的个人情况以后,针对我的需求教了我一系列的动作:从基础的平板支撑如何做标准,进阶到标准的跪姿俯卧撑,感知自己的身体,在身体可接受范围内逐渐增加次数,不必强迫自己的身体。另外,使用家里的物件和自身体重做不同的负重。针对我的颈椎和肩部问题,小帕教了我6个动作,做完以后颈肩很舒服,小帕告诉我要去感知自己颈肩的拉伸感,不需要过度拉伸即可。这些动作可以让我在工作间隙舒缓拉伸我的颈椎和肩部,满足了我的需求。” - Yang Shuang, IT Specialist in Shanghai

“上過小帕教練運動班的同學們,我想都不會否定小帕對運動的熱愛,與及對我們的認真、熱誠教導。 每次進行健身運動的時候,她都會照顧每位學員,糾正各人的姿勢, 又不時鼓勵大家!而且也感覺得到,每堂她都會花花心思,變化運動的形式,在安全情況下給我們提高難度,務求大家能享受運動樂趣,以及提升體能,面對更大挑戰!加上每次見到小帕,她都總是笑瞇瞇,活力充沛的樣子,從她身上就會取得滿滿正能量! ” - Catherine, Administrator at a trading company

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