aerial yoga rules 空中瑜珈規則

Before attending Aerial Yoga (Foundation or Therapy) class, please carefully note the followings:

1. Please do listen to your body, only go as far as comfortable.
2. Please do tell the teacher if there is a blood pressure problem, pregnancy, or vertigo.
3. Please wear tops with sleeves.
4. Please wear full-length leggings or pants AND non-slip socks
5. Please wipe sweat onto towels NOT the hammock.
6. Please do not attempt any inverted or flying poses without the teacher’s permission or guidance.
7. Please do not wear any jewellery during practice, including watches, rings, bracelets and necklace.
8. Please do not wear fragrance.
9. Please do not eat at least an hour before the class, but do not starve yourself either as it will affect your energy and concentration.

在上空中瑜伽課 (基礎或治療) 之前,請留意以下守則:

  1. 聆聽自己身體感覺,切勿勉強超越身體極限或模仿他人。
  2. 若身體有舊傷、任何不適或洽逢生理期,請在課前告知該堂課的指導老師,以便提供適合的練習方式。
  3. 請穿有袖上衣。
  4. 請穿著過膝長褲和放滑襪。
  5. 顧已及人,請勿把汗抺在布上。
  6. 沒有在老師指導或許可,請勿做任何反轉或在半空中的動作。
  7. 上課時請勿穿戴手飾,包括手表,介指,手鏈和頸鏈。
  8. 請勿使用香水。
  9. 課前1小時內請勿進食,盡量保持空腹狀態。 但也不應該過份肚餓,影響精神及集中力。