change 改變

After being in Wanchai for almost 3 years, Positiv Wellness moved to a better and safer location, with a fresh start! It is highly accessible with two MTR stations (Fortress Hill and North Point), over 40 buses, minibuses, trams, ferries, taxis, cars from day to night. Street parking is available near our building on Java Road. We are also surrounded by at least 9 vegetarian restaurants, a couple of vegetarian supermarkets, fruit stalls, and a number of local supermarkets. Life is good here!


 PAST (Wan Chai)  NOW (North Point)
 Walk-up  Commercial building
 Only stairs  4 elevators
 1/F with pollution and noise  21/F with good light and air
 Smokers downstairs  Better neighbourhood
 Unsightly trash after 6pm  Much cleaner streets
 Kids next door  Businesses as neighbours
Though the gross area is smaller than our previous studio, after running it for a few years, we realised our balcony and shower room weren’t useful so we decided to give them up and moved to a cleaner and nicer commercial space, with the disabled bathroom and regular bathrooms in the common areas. It fits our minimalistic and green principles. Those who have knee and back problems are also delighted to know that they can now come for rehab exercises with convenient transport and big lifts. Windows can be opened so we don’t have to waste energy and wear thick clothes with air conditioning in winter. If you want to sweat it out in summer, we can make it work too. Honestly, we really don’t like AC.


We are thankful for finding this cute, little space to continue our work and services for our loyal private and group class students. We reduced our prices for all those who have been supporting us for the last 5-6 years with a permanent loyalty discount. Our reduced rent at the new North Point location enables us to share the savings with everyone.


When we said we are with a fresh start because we are doing things a little differently, but good changes of course. Besides the reduced prices for existing students, we are also more focused on what we want to do. We streamlined our classes and services so only the most suitable ones stayed, for example only the fun and calming exercises like Pilates, yoga, stretch, TRX, balance & twist, barre power, running. For group classes, our maximum number of people is 4, regardless of the type of classes. Private students continue to have more choices including bungee workout, bosu, battle rope, assisted stretching etc.


We got rid of the heavy weights a few months ago as well. While we believe making our bodies our machines, we are more inclined with body weight exercises or those with small tools to train our mind body and soul. Why go for big heavy machines when we can get strong and healthy without them? Why rely on things we can’t have at home and on the roads when we can learn exercises that can be repeated at home or office?


Our Positiv Point System (PPP) will be coming soon to offer rewards to those who are coming to classes regularly. Lots of cool prizes to be redeemed. For the charity side, instead of having donation boxes and donating our limited plant-based meals, we will be donating to vegetarian restaurants so they can give away big lots of free vegan meal boxes to the elderly who need healthy meals. So everyone who buys our services and classes is also helping the community get healthier and better, especially the elderly who needs our support.


All in all, we are very happy with the move. Positiv Wellness looks forward to welcoming you at our new studio in North Point!


在灣仔服務了近三年後,Positiv Wellness有了一個全新的開始。我們搬到了一個更好,更安全的地方。鄰近兩個地鐵站(炮台山和北角),從早到晚都有40多輛公共巴士,小巴,電車,渡輪,的士和汽車經過,交通十分便利。渣華道附近多處有停車位。工作室附近至少有九家素食餐廳,幾家素食超市,水果攤和許多本地超市。這裡的生活很不錯。


過去 (灣仔)  現在 (炮台山/北角)
 唐樓  商廈
 只有樓梯  四部電梯
 處於一樓塵埃多,嘈音大  高據於21樓光線和空氣好
 樓下吸煙人群聚集  社區文化更上一層樓
 六點後街上垃圾多  市容良好的小區
 商住樓小孩多比較嘈和亂  鄰居都是安靜的商戶


儘管總面積比以前的工作室小,但營運了幾年後,感覺露台和淋浴間沒有太大的作用,所以我們決定放棄放下,搬到一個更乾淨,更舒適的商業空間,洗手間設於走廊的公共地方。這樣更符合我們的簡約和環保原則。還有呢,那些膝蓋和腰背有問題的學員終於可以來做一些康復的鍛煉,不用怕爬樓梯了。這邊的窗戶可以打開,不必在冬天浪費能源和穿厚衣服來做運動。如果您想在夏天出汗,那就更加沒問題了!老實說,我們真的不喜歡冷氣哦 哈。


感恩發現了這個可愛的小空間,可以繼續為有需要的人士提供淨素生活的資訊和健康運動的培訓。一直陪伴著Positiv Wellness的學生,為了答謝各位的支持,大家會有特別折扣。在北角新地點的租金低了,可以節省一些,所以能夠與所有人共享一些優惠。








總而言之,我們對這次搬家感到非常滿意。 Positiv Wellness期待您的光臨!