Group Class Description

Strength & endurance

  • Aerial Fitness: A fitness class that uses aerial yoga fabric hammocks to build core strength, upper body power and balance. Maximum 4 people per class. The aerial yoga class rules apply to this class. Read rules here.
  • Fivefingers Running Club: Free class for those who own a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. Based on the running method and drills of the Vibram Natural Running School and barefoot technology. This is an outdoor class. Led by Vibram certified barefoot running and fitness coach Angie P. Please wear Fivefingers to the class.
  • Night Street Run: Explore Hong Kong by running, in 5-10km. We will be going to different places every Sunday night…it can be Kowloon, New Territories or Hong Kong. Be adventurous and have fun with us! Come with a waist bag to hold your valuables and a bottle of water. The meeting location and route will be announced to students who signed up.
  • Run For Health: Running is for health, so you don’t have to use marathon as a goal. Come for a short 5km run and some nice stretches outdoor. This class is great for beginners and social joggers. Get some fresh air and enjoy the brisk walk/jog.
  • Run + Breakfast: Come for a small jog and a homemade plant-based light breakfast in the studio after! We meet at the studio so you can leave your belongings there.
  • Cardio & Core: A fun class for training the cardiorespiratory endurance and core muscles with different moves and tools.
  • Cardio & Stretch: The best of both worlds. A class that combines our two popular classes – Cardio & Core and Full Body Stretch. Half class with HIIT exercises and half class with stretching.
  • Battle Rope + Monster Band: A combination of cardio and strength exercises using battle rope and monster band. Guaranteed to sweat and laugh!
  • TRX Multilevel: A full-body workout using suspension training to build strength, balance and stamina. Classes will be adjusted to people with different fitness levels. Maximum 6 people per class.
  • TRX Pilates: As the name says, it’s a workout combining TRX moves and Pilates to build strength, balance and stamina, particularly of the core area. Suitable for people with some TRX or Pilates experiences.
  • Circuit Training: You’ll move quickly through different stations to work different muscle groups with little rest in between. You may do bicep curls with weights, lunges on TRX or jumping jacks for 40 seconds. This routine gets your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles at the same time.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: Challenge yourself to a yoga practice focused on moving the body along with the breath. The experience is one of fluidity and motion with the purpose of aligning the body and focusing the mind.

Toning & firming

  • Barre Power: A fun class infusing ballet, martial arts, fitness and Pilates using barres, balls and bands for a full body workout. Expect lots of core, shoulder and arm work!
  • Swiss Ball Workout: A fun workout using a Swiss Ball to tone the arms, legs, glutes and abs, as well as improving coordination, balance and strength. Maximum 5 people per class.
  • Trampoline Cardio: Jump to shape up and slim down on your own mini trampoline in class! It’s a fun and low-impact workout that is gentle for the knee joints.
  • Fat Burner: Tone up, slim down and shed the extra fat with a low-medium intensity total body workout that will push you to your limits. Every week is a little different, so expect the unexpected.
  • Pilates Mat: Created by Joseph Pilates in early 1900s, this is an excellent workout for rehabilitation, body toning, correcting posture, strengthening core muscles, improving balance and coordination.
  • Pilates Ball Workout: A challenging yet fun class that targets core training, especially the abs. Instructor will integrate fitness and Pilates moves that strengthen, condition and relax the body.
  • Balance & Twist: A fun cardio and strength session using a balance board to do twists, squats, planks and more. Suitable for both beginners and those who want a bit more challenges.
  • Aerial Yoga Foundation: The exercise that combines traditional yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity and the hammocks, we can unwind fascia knots and tangles, quiet the mind, build core-strength, and leave our bodies feeling integrated. Maximum 4 people per class. Read the class rules here.
  • Core Strength Yoga: Core strength yoga helps you increase strength and flexibility needed to improve your overall health. The class will focus on yoga movements that keep the core strong and stable leading to improved posture alignment, balance and breathing capacity.
  • Detox Yoga: A class designed to detoxify your body as well as your mind. Through the use of twists and compression poses you will “cleanse” the spine, skin and internal organs, getting rid of harmful toxins. The result is a completely refreshed feeling throughout the entire body.
  • Iron Yoga: Holding yoga poses with dumbbells for upper body weight training that helps improve lean muscle mass and build strength throughout the entire body.

Calming & rejuvenating

  • Meditation: Quiet your mind to focus and gain inner peace. Simple instructions will be given in the beginning and you will have the rest of the time to communicate with yourself. No religion is associated with this. Meditation helps alleviate stress, develop concentration and make you sleep better.  This is based on “pay as you wish”. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization and the beneficiary will change every 3 months.
  • Himalayan Singing Bowls: Whether you just want to listen to the calming vibrations or trying it for the first time, we welcome you. We will have bowls of different sizes and tones for a lovely and relaxed night. This is a sharing session by a few people with experiences in Tibetan singing bowls. The vibrations can help calm the brain, lead it to a deeply relaxed state and activate the body’s immune system. This is also a way to united with the earth and universe. Free for current Positiv students for a limited time; $50 for others.
  • Aerial Yoga Therapy: A softer version to aerial yoga foundation focusing on using the low hanging silks to open up the body, release built up tension, repair injuries, decompress, and de-stress. Maximum 4 people per class. Read the class rules here.
  • Hatha Flow Yoga: A class based on the traditional hatha yoga – breath, meditation and postures with a more dynamic and relaxing way. It is designed to align and strengthen your body, calm your mind and open your heart.
  • Yin Yang Yoga: A gentle flowing sequence with basic stretching (Yin) and strength-building poses (Yang). It helps cultivate the awareness in body movement and its connection with the breath. You will leave the class feeling energized and destressed. Suitable for beginners.
  • Restorative Yoga: This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. We use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. This can also improve concentration and focus. This class is appropriate for students of all levels.
  • Partner Yoga: A class based on the traditional hatha yoga – breath, meditation and postures with a more dynamic and relaxing way, with movements that two people can complete together. Great for friends and couples who want to exercise together.
  • Full Body Stretch: Give yourself relief from daily stress with full body stretch exercises combining active stretches and trigger point releases to open up and relax tight areas of the body. This class will energize you before work or calm your mind before your night rest.
  • Self Practice: For current students who want to come practice on their own. All tools are available for use.
  • Art Jam: Get creative and express yourself in visual art form. An art instructor will be available to answer any questions and teach some tricks and techniques to finish your work. Art jam is suitable for people who don’t normally draw and also perfect for artists who want to create a masterpiece.
  • Zentangle: Create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns that helps release tension and enrich senses. Experience mindfulness in a different way. Choose from drawing on wood pieces, wood boxes or cotton shoes. Materials will be provided. Take your own art home!

Plant-based lifestyle

  • Tea Ceremony: Come have some tea and practice the zen behind tea ceremony. You’ll get to try how to prepare and present tea in slow and graceful movements, which help calm our body and mind. Light vegan snacks will be served alongside. Free for current Positiv students for a limited time; $50 for others.
  • Vegan Lifestyle Chatroom: Adopting a vegan lifestyle isn’t necessarily easy in Hong Kong, but we are here to help. We will give you some life tips and answer all your questions. Vegan snacks and drinks will be served.This is a one-on-one session. Free for students with a valid group class package.
  • DIY Natural Soap Making: Learn to make cold pressed natural soap with plant-based oil and other ingredients. You will take home a soap product that is 450g and can be cut into 6-8 pieces of soap for your own use or as gifts for others.
  • Family Style Cooking: The types of classes change every month including desserts, appetizers, hot pot, Chinese style cooking, Western cooking, beverages. Check the class schedule for the most updated details.
  • Weight Management: Learn about weight management principles and also understand your body better in this session. You will have a chance to get a body composition analysis to check your body fat, muscle mass, blood pressure etc. It’s a casual consultation where you can ask about plant-based diet and fat loss ideas. Healthy and nutritious drinks will be served.
  • Social: Come for some good brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or movie night! All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the vegan food. Bring a friend or just yourself. Free for current students.

Four to eight people maximum in each class except otherwise specified.



  • 空中健身: 利用空中瑜伽的绢布做不同的體能動作,能有效地提升身體的核心肌群,上半身力量和平衡。每班最多4人。空中瑜伽的守則同樣適用,請上課前先閱讀準備
  • 五指鞋跑步俱樂部: 五指鞋愛好者的福利。這免費的戶外跑步班是根據意大利品牌Vibram的自然跑步法和赤足科技,練習有效率的跑步方法和嘗試赤足跑的體驗。課程由Vibram認證的赤足跑和體能教練小帕帶領。上課必須穿著五指鞋。
  • 夜街跑: 以跑步探索香港,5到10公里不等。每個週日晚上導師會帶大家去不同的地方……九龍,新界或香港。上課時只需帶一個腰包放貴重物品和一瓶水。集合地點和路線會向報了名的學生公佈。
  • 健康跑: 跑步是為了健康,所以不一定要以馬拉松為目標。大家會在空氣清新的環境下慢跑大約5公里和做一些有舒緩繃緊肌肉作用的伸展。適合初學者。
  • 跑步+早餐: 大家會在大自然空氣好的地方下慢跑鍛鍊心肺功能,之後會回去Positiv吃一個健康又輕盈的自家製純素早餐。大家可以選擇在工作室集合,先把隨身物品放在儲物櫃。
  • Cardio & Core: 主打強化心肺功能,腹肌和核心肌肉,令骨骼強壯和線條優美。
  • Cardio & Stretch: 揉合了兩個深受歡迎的班 - Cardio & Core和全身伸展。半堂高強度間歇性訓練,半堂全身伸展舒緩身心,完美的結合。
  • 戰繩 + 彈力帶:力量和耐力表現的一個選擇。導師會利用戰繩和彈力帶進行鍛鍊,流汗之餘也是笑聲滿載的一班!
  • TRX 體能訓練 : 懸吊訓練器是以自身體重為基準,性能高效的訓練工具。導師會在每班運用TRX和自身體重進行各種的訓練,例如力量、耐力、平衡,提高各運動技巧所需要的體能。導師會適當地調節動作,適合任何體能之人士。每班最多6人。
  • TRX 普拉提: 班如其名,糅合了TRX和Pilates動作,增加力量、平衡,耐力等。適合有TRX或普拉提經驗之人士。
  • 循環訓練: 利用自身體重和其他工具做一連串不同的動作,來提高各運動技巧所需要的體適能,可同時訓練主要肌肉群的力量、耐力、有氧及無氧能力。
  • 流動瑜伽: 專注於配合呼吸和流動性去移動身體的一個瑜伽門派,對於改善姿態,增加體能和集中精神有著很好的效果。


  • Barre塑身: 一個好玩又可以塑身的運動班,一個融合了芭蕾舞,武術,體能和普拉提的全身鍛鍊,導師會利用芭蕾舞吧,普拉提球和彈力帶挑戰大家的核心、肩膀和手臂的力量。
  • 健身球運動: 導師會利用一個健身球去幫助大家鍛鍊手臂,腿部,臀部和腹肌,以及改善協調,平衡和力量。每班最多5人。
  • 彈床健身:在迷你彈床上每一下彈跳都能鍛鍊肌肉,速效瘦身。由於具卸力作用,能減輕膝關節等部位在運動時所受的衝擊力,好玩,安全和有效地鍛鍊身心。
  • Dance Cardio: 女士專有班。利用簡單而好玩的舞步去鍛鍊心肺功能和全身大肌肉群組,令骨骼強壯和線條優美。
  • Fat Burner: 主打強化心肺功能和全身大肌肉群組,令骨骼強壯和線條優美。導師會運用不同的小工具和自身體重去幫助學生鍛鍊力量、耐力和有氧能力。
  • 墊上普拉提: 由Joseph Pilates創立的普拉提運動已有100年歷史,用作復康治療,收身、改善姿態,提升核心肌肉力量,肌肉控制、平衡與協調。
  • 普拉提球運動: 普拉提小球運動能增強核心肌群的穩定,更有意識的學會控制身體,增進體適能,強力雕塑身材。導師亦會配以不同的動作和技巧幫助舒緩腰痠背痛,放鬆綁緊的肌肉。
  • 扭扭平衡板: 利用平衡板鍛鍊心肺功能和和全身大肌肉群組,例如在平衡板上做扭動,半蹲,平板支撐等動作。適合初學者和想有些挑戰的人士。
  • 空中瑜伽 利用懸垂的绢布練習瑜伽動作, 借助地心吸力把身體下墜,脊椎得到完全放鬆伸展,幫助血液循環。除了改善痛症和睡眠質素外,更可通淋巴,改善水腫問題。此外,學員平時覺得難以完成的動作會變得更輕鬆,空中瑜伽有效提升身體的協調和肌力。每班最多4人。請上課前閱讀守則
  • Core瑜伽: 許多上班族的通病就是坐着面對電腦太久,加上又没有足夠運動鍛煉,在核心肌力不足和失衡的情况下會出现許多小毛病或症状。Core瑜伽能適度的强化核心肌群,增强運動表現和强化身體機能,有效預防運動傷害。
  • 排毒瑜伽: 利用扭轉,前彎和簡單的後仰式子,有效排汗,幫助血液循環,暢通淋巴減少身體積聚老廢物質,促進腸臟蠕動,有效減少胃氣及改善便秘問題。
  • 塑身瑜伽: 完美結合了健身塑型和瑜伽,內容包括流瑜伽,啞鈴舉重訓練,普拉提核心練習,有氧燃脂功能訓練。手握啞鈴的加入形成了瑜伽體位法的進階器和輔助具,讓身體局部力量更有效的提昇,更快更准的進入瑜伽體式,達到對身體的深度感知和控制力。


  • 靜坐: 靜坐可以減輕現代人的壓力,提昇專注力,幫助睡眠,也有改善身心靈的作用。導師會分享簡單的指示,之後大家靜下來和自己溝通和享受那份喜悅。這靜坐時段沒有宗教色彩。價錢是「隨心」。100%收入將會捐給一個慈善機構,每3個月會轉換一次
  • 頌缽分享: 無論你只是想聽聽平靜的振動或好奇第一次接觸頌缽,我們都歡迎你。我們有幾位有經驗的人一起分享和共渡這個晚上。頌缽的聲音震頻, 能讓腦部休息下來,進入放鬆的狀態,激發人體的自癒能力。西藏人相信透過頌缽的共鳴共振,可以和大自然的頻率合而為一,達到療癒的效用。限時優惠,Positiv學生免費;其他人每位$50*
  • 空中瑜伽治療: 没有半空中的動作, 低空伸展着重舒缓都市人的肩頸背痛,利用舒適靜態的動作放鬆身心,有效改善睡眠。每班最多4人。請上課前閱讀守則
  • 哈達瑜伽: 流暢、舒緩的連續體式轉換,引領能量,使身體獲得充沛的活力,心靈專注於當下,獲得舒緩放鬆。
  • 陰陽瑜伽: 一連串強化肌力的瑜伽式子(陽)和溫和的伸展動作(陰),有助提升柔軟度,矯正姿勢,舒緩壓力。適合任何人士。
  • 修復瑜伽: 修復瑜珈是一種深度的治癒,能夠幫助現代人減輕壓力和緊張。所有姿勢採取坐或臥且維持大約5分鐘長度,並且使用瑜珈輔具(毯子、瑜珈枕和瑜珈磚等)輔助課程。所有程度的同學都適合參加。
  • 雙人瑜伽: 流暢、舒緩的連續體式轉換,引領能量,使身體獲得充沛的活力,心靈專注於當下,獲得舒緩放鬆。兩人配合去完成的瑜伽動作,適合想一起運動的朋友和情侶。
  • 全身伸展: 全身伸展運動和肌筋膜放鬆的手法能增進柔軟度和活動幅度,加快血液循環,放鬆肌肉與關節,舒緩腰痠背痛。適當的伸展更可以幫助放鬆神經,平靜心靈。這班適合所有健身水平的人士。
  • 自我練習: 現有的學生專有練習時段,歡迎利用場內的所有工具練習在班上學習過的動作。
  • Art Jam: 透過畫布體驗即興與自在,容許自己去重現真我的色彩。導師會給予一些意見或教授一些基本技巧,參與者無需有任何繪畫技巧或基礎,只要隨心自由地在一個舒適的空間創作,便能以繪畫方式減壓和為自己添一份正能量。
  • 禪繞畫: Zentangle是近年來流行的其中一種表達藝術,「Zen」是「禪」的音譯,「Tangle」則是指纏繞式的繪畫方法,故此中文稱之為「禪繞畫」。透過簡單的繪畫技巧, 讓學員在短時間內能掌握如何靈活地運用線條、圖案、光影等, 於禪繞藝術創作中找回自己從未發現的新視野和方向, 繼而找到身心平衡。


  • 茶道: 茶道有助於平靜我們的身心,來體驗一下這個文化背後的禪。以優雅的動作去準備和欣賞一杯茶,令人賞心悅目。限時優惠,Positiv學生免費;其他人每位$50。
  • 素食新人: 在香港想做一位純素或素食新人並不容易,但我們會鼓勵和幫助大家過渡和回答你的所有問題。這班會提供純素小吃和飲品。這是和教練小帕的學習和交流時段。現有學生可以免費報名參加。
  • 天然手工皂工作坊: 健康生活包括小心選用個人清潔用品。導師會教導大家利用植物精油和其他材料製作天然冷製肥皂。除了可以學習手工皂的方法,還可以帶6至8塊肥皂回家自用或送禮。
  • 素食烹飪: 每月不同,包括甜品、前菜、火鍋、中式菜色、西式菜色、飲品等。詳情請瀏覽每月的時間表。
  • 體重管理: 學習體重管理的原理和了解自己的身體多一點。學員有機會做一個身體成分分析得知重要數據,例如脂肪比例,肌肉量,血壓等。在交流純素飲食和健美修身的心得的同時可享受免費純素飲品。
  • Social: 大家來嘗嘗純素早餐,午餐,下午茶,晚餐或電影日!來放鬆一下,享受美食。現有學生一般是免費。