A vegan world is a kinder and more peaceful world. This is why we love to help more vegetarian, vegan and green businesses get their products and services off the ground. We understand most entrepreneurs and restaurant owners start their businesses based on their love for humanity, animals and environment. Most non-profit organizations (NGOs) and businesses start small as well, so we know it can be overwhelming with establishing and managing all the business and marketing processes that go into the day-to-day operations.

However, no matter how small the business is, public relations (PR) is crucial to an organization’s success. Perhaps you are not ready to hire a PR manager yet or find the fees from PR agencies too costly. Getting help for small businesses seems to be out of reach? Positiv Wellness is here to help.

Even on a shoestring budget, we would be happy to work out a solution for you. Chat with us about your vision and needs.



不過,無論企業規模大或小,公關對於機構的成功都是至關重要的。也許您尚未準備好聘請公關經理,或者覺得公關公司的費用太高。尋求小型企業的幫助似乎遙不可及? Positiv Wellness可為您提供服務。




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