Positiv Guidebook

Getting Started

A well-balanced and healthy lifestyle consists of a whole food plant-based diet, clean water, effective exercise, sufficient rest and positive attitude. This guidebook, written by Positiv Wellness, contains information that enables you success and happiness.

What to eat

Healthy plant-based eating doesn’t necessarily mean lack of nutrients or having boring diets. Proper meal planning and effective workout produce the optimal results in muscle creation and healthy body…read more

How to exercise

Whatever gender, age, size or race you are, you need these three types of exercises – resistance, cardio and flexibility. The good news is you can do all these without any big equipment or machines…read more

Get quality rest

Rest is part of the training program. The recovery time allows you to build and repair muscles. Most importantly, it helps you restore energy and heal different parts of the body and mind…read more

Be a better you

Whether you are an office clerk or an A-list celebrity, you deserve a happy and healthy life. We keep chasing money and material belongings all our life, but eventually it is the little things in life that matter most…read more

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