Student Guidelines


  • Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. We provide clean, purified water at the studio. The eco-friendly green filters remove sediments, CTO, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, heavy metal, cysts, viruses and bacteria.
  • Bring a small towel to wipe off your sweat (yes, especially for Fat Burner and Cardio & Core!).
  • Bring and wear non-slip socks in class for safety and hygiene.


  • Do not exercise on an empty stomach. A light meal 1-2 hours before the lesson is recommended.
  • Inform the trainer if you have any physical discomfort, past injuries or instructions from the doctor/physiotherapist before the lesson starts.
  • Every one is different but with 3-4 times targeted exercises a week and wise food choices, most students can usually achieve improvements and visible results within 2-3 months.

Book (group class):

  • All classes require advance booking via Whatsapp 6557 4517. If you need to cancel or reschedule the class you booked, you are allowed to do so once a month, with at least 12 hours’ notice in advance. Any unlimited fitness pass holders fail to show up twice for the booked classes will be suspended for 2 weeks. During this period, these students will not be allowed to use their passes to attend classes. They can purchase additional 4 credits to attend classes if needed.

  • The class will be canceled automatically when no students show up 5 minutes after the class is scheduled to commence.

  • For those attending aerial yoga, please be sure to read these additional info from our yoga instructor: aerial yoga rules.


  • Come 10 minutes before class to get ready. If there is a class going on, please wait outside the studio if you arrive early.

  • Please refrain from smoking or bringing outside food and drinks to the studio. Thanks for helping keep the environment clean and pure.

  • Reusable water bottles, small towels and non-slip socks are for sale at a very reasonable price in the studio if you forget to bring yours.
  • Locker rental is available for only $100 per month to store extra clothes, shoes (especially for outdoor and running classes) and personal items.
  • (For 1-1 or 1-2 privates) Canceling or rescheduling a lesson requires a minimum of 12 hour advance notice unless for special circumstances. Trainer reserves the right to forfeit the lesson for students who repeatedly change or cancel last minute.

Above all, enjoy the class and be positive! 🙂



  • 請帶環保水瓶來上課。我們的環保淨水系統讓大家安心去飲用和在運動中補充水分。系統能去除水中沉澱物,餘氯,味道和異味(CTO),殘餘藥物和化學物,重金屬(銅、鐵、鉛、錫),囊胞,病毒和細菌。
  • 請帶小毛巾來上課 (尤其是Fat Burner和Cardio & Core,大家一定會流汗的哦~!)。
  • 為了大家的安全和保持一個衛生的環境,請大家帶和穿防滑的襪子上課。


  • 建議上課的1-2個小時前輕食,不要吃太飽,也不應空肚做運動。
  • 如有任何舊患、不適或醫生/物理治療師等的指示,必須在上課前通知導師。
  • 一星期運動3-4次,再配上適當的飲食方式,一般學生可在兩、三個月內有明顯的體能和身心改善。

預約 (小組班):

  • 所有班都需經whatsapp 6557 4517 預先報名。任何學生需要通過whatsapp最少12小時前請假或取消,每個月可以改動一次,沒有預先通知者將不能補課。Unlimited pass的學生如有兩次報名後不出席,將會被停卡兩星期,這段時間不能以pass上堂。如有需要可以另購4堂credit上課。

  • 如沒有學生在預定時間後5分鐘內出現,課堂將自動取消。

  • 上空中瑜伽的同學,記得上課前細讀瑜伽導師發送的資料:空中瑜伽守則


  • 請上堂前十分鐘到達準備。如提早到了,請在studio外面靜心等候上一堂的學生離開。
  • 請勿在studio範圍內吸煙或進食外來食物和飲品。謝謝大家保持環境清潔和清新。

  • 如忘記攜帶環保水瓶,小毛巾和防滑襪子,可以在studio購買,價錢非常優惠。
  • 儲物櫃只需每月$100,方便大家擺放衣服,鞋子(尤其是戶外和跑步班)和個人用品。
  • (一對一和一對二的私教班) 如需請假,除了特別情況外請預先12小時前通知。教練保留權利合理處理情況。

最重要的是大家開心地做運動,保持正能量! 🙂