We work with a variety of established and up-and-coming vegan partners, as well as experienced business professionals to provide the best experiences and network for you. Here is part of the list.

  • Hong Kong Vegfest
  • Hong Kong Vegan Society
  • Asia Pacific Vegan Union
  • International Vegetarian Union
  • Happy Cow
  • GoVeg Magazine
  • VG Network
  • V Girls Club
  • Hong Kong Plant-based Chef Studio




  • 香港素食嘉年華
  • 香港蔬食協會
  • 亞太素食聯盟
  • 國際素食聯盟
  • Happy Cow
  • 綠格雜誌
  • VG Network
  • V Girls Club
  • 香港蔬食工作室


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