Positiv Points Program 學員積分計劃

Positiv Points Program (PPP)

Group class 1 session = 0.5 point

1-2 private class 60 minutes = 1 point

1-1 private class 60 minutes = 2 points

When you take a class, you get the points. We are thankful you are buying the classes but we want you to get the benefits of regular exercises and learning about healthy lifestyle. This is why the points are only counted when you come for classes. For your easy record, we will update and inform you after each class.

When you reach the following points, you can redeem a gift:

10 points – surprise gift

20 points – 20-minute body composition analysis & assessment

30 points – 3% extra discount* on any package purchased that month (you could save up to $720)

40 points – bring a friend to class (your friend can be your photographer, workout buddy or cheerleader!)

50 points – plant-based food gift box

60 points – 6% extra discount* on any package purchased that month (you could save up to $1440)

70 points – 30-minute assisted stretch session worth over $500

80 points – surprise gift

90 points – vegan dinner for 2 at a vegetarian restaurant worth up to $600

100 points – 60-minute assisted stretch session worth over $1000

*For those who have 10% loyalty discount, you will get an additional cut.

Points will be valid from 1 Nov, 2019 till Oct 31, 2020. Please message us to redeem your prizes. We reserve the right to amend or suspend PPP at any point of time.


學員積分計劃 (PPP)

團課一節= 0.5分

1-2私人課60分鐘= 1分

1-1私人班60分鐘= 2分



10分 – 驚喜禮物

20分 – 20分鐘的身體成分分析和體能評估

30分 – 當月購買的任何選項均可享有3%的額外折扣*(最多可節省720元)

40分 – 帶一個朋友上課(您的朋友可以是您的攝影師,鍛煉夥伴或啦啦隊哦!)

50分 – 淨素食品禮盒

60分 – 當月購買的任何選項均可享有6%的額外折扣*(最多可節省1440元)

70分 – 30分鐘全身被動伸展服務,價值超過500元

80分 – 又來一波驚喜禮物

90分 – 兩位素食晚餐,價值高達600元

100分 – 60分鐘全身被動伸展服務,價值超過$ 1000




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