No job is ever too small for us, as long as we can contribute to any vegan and green businesses and help make a positive social change. Besides the usual PR services NGOs and businesses ask for, let us know if you don’t see anything you need from this list. We would be happy to help.

  • Setup and management of western and China social media accounts
  • Creation of digital content, e.g. texts, images, videos
  • Translation of documents, menus, proposals
  • Writing and editing, e.g. press releases, executive bios, fact sheets, product manuals, presentations
  • Design of corporate materials, e.g. press kits, brochures, presentations, websites
  • Coaching and training for public speaking and presentation skills
  • Master of ceremonies (emcee) for corporate and social events




  • 建立和管理中西方社交媒體賬戶
  • 創建內容,例如文字,圖像,視頻
  • 翻譯,例如文件,餐廳菜單,建議書等
  • 寫作和編輯,例如新聞稿,簡歷,簡介,產品說明書,簡報 (PPT)
  • 公司介紹的設計,例如新聞稿資料,小冊子,簡報,網站
  • 公開演講和演講技巧的輔導和培訓
  • 公司和社交活動的司儀


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