Angie P. | 小帕 


The brainchild and head trainer at Positiv Wellness. An all-rounded personality who is also a PCRM celebrity coach in China, Roadshow EcoStar 2016, V Girls Club founder, Veganastic author, OpenRice fitness column writer, writer/director for several award-winning microfilms. Angie is all about being green, healthy and happy and helping others do the same. Having successfully reversed cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, she’s a vegan icon who stands firmly by the whole food, plant-based lifestyle, as represented by her vegan lifestyle book Veganastic, being sold in major book stores such as Commercial Press and JP Books. She’s a Vibram certified fitness trainer & barefoot running coach, Polestar certified Pilates Teacher, EBFA certified Barefoot Training Specialist, AASFP certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, Stretch Trainer, Distance Running Instructor, Children & Adolescent Fitness Trainer as well as a qualified TRX trainer and certified bbarreless instructor . You can also find her conducting classes for different organizations including Vibram, Calvin Klein Performance, 10/10 Hope, YMCA Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cancer Fund and HelpMeSee.

小帕是Positiv Wellness首席導師及負責安排所有的教練和課程。從小在不同國家讀書生活,性格比較洋化。幾年前回流香港,現身兼數職,包括美國責任醫師協會名人教練,香港綠星級環保大使,V Girls Club創辦人,《營男素女》作者,OpenRice素食運動專欄作家,多部得獎微電影的編劇導演等。七年前在無手術、無化療的情況下,利用純素飲食成功逆轉癌症。痊癒後放棄完成心理學博士課程致力在香港和中國巡講和開班推廣健康純素文化。在她的純素生活書《營男素女》內便可一覽無遺,現已在商務印書館和三聯書店等各大書店有售。小帕是Vibram認可健身和赤足跑教練,美國Polestar認可普拉提導師,美國EBFA認可赤足專家,香港AASFP認可高級體適能教練,伸展教練,長跑教練,兒童青少年教練,和TRX、bbarreless認可教練。你亦會看到她為不同的機構開班和演講,包括意大利運動鞋Vibram,美國運動服Calvin Klein Performance,10/10 Hope,香港基督教青年會,香港癌症基金會和助視會。

Rachel | 思思


The vegan yogi at Positiv Wellness. Rachel started her yoga journey since 2006 and since then completed 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered-training program, anti-gravity yoga course, aerial yoga teaching training, 85-hour yin and restorative yoga program, and Stretching Therapy Certificate from Hong Kong Stretching Exercise Association to help others integrate mind, body and soul. Besides yoga, she’s a Polestar certified Pilates teacher as well. Being a vegan and foodie, she’s also skilled in plant-based cooking.

思思是Positiv Wellness的純素瑜珈達人。自從在2006年開始接觸這身心靈的運動後,一直都不停練習和進修,亦取得美國瑜珈聯盟註冊瑜珈導師RYT200和香港伸展運動學會伸展治療證書。熱愛運動和烹飪的一個純素女孩,以後也有不少機會和大家分享烹飪心得。

Jodie | 甄


Another vegan yogi and meditation lover at Positiv Wellness. Lo discovered the love for yoga in 2013. With her passion, she completed 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands and she is the first certified BoxingYoga coach in Asia. To her, yoga is more than physical practice, it has been, and continues to be, a life changing journey and a commitment to her true self.  (She’s currently on a working holiday in Australia.)

甄是Positiv Wellness的另外一位純素瑜珈達人,亦是靜坐愛好者。於2013開始接觸瑜伽並熱衷這項心身靈運動。她於荷蘭的Arhanta Yoga Ashram 取得200小時哈達瑜伽導師資格,亦是亞洲首位獲得認證BoxingYoga教練。在她的瑜伽路上, 除了對身體上有極大的正面影響,還是一個可以從中找尋真實自我與改變生活的旅程。(現正在澳洲旅遊工作中。)



The Pilates enthusiast at Positiv Wellness. Christie is a Singaporean but started learning Classical Pilates in New York City in 2002, which led her to a teacher course there learning how to perform the movements correctly. Due to her relocation, she has been trained by instructors from different continents with different teaching techniques. She is now a certified Pilates trainer and volunteer instructor teaching Pilates to kids in schools.

Christie是Positiv Wellness普拉提導師的新成員。來自新加坡的Christie,自2002年在美國紐約市接觸到普拉提後便愛上了這運動,隨後在美國接受正式訓練。由於多次移民或工作上的關係,她在不同的國家向多位導師學習了多樣化的教學方式。她現在是一名持有認證的普拉提導師和在學校教導孩子們普拉提令他們更身心健康。

Kenny | 甘Sir


The Pilates expert at Positiv Wellness. Kenny is a firm believer that the mental and physical part of well-being go hand-in-hand. As an avid fitness person for years, certified NASM personal trainer and qualified TRX trainer, Kenny’s love of Pilates came when he sought Pilates to help with his chronic back pain years ago. From there, he noticed that bringing the right mindset, along with the physical aspect of Pilates not only helped him heal more quickly, but brought a new meaning of enlightenment to his exercise practice. Because of that, he has completed his mat, reformer and studio Pilates certification, and started teaching different Pilates classes actively. Kenny is also a Pilates educator training others to be Pilates instructors.

甘Sir是Positiv Wellness的普拉提專家。他深信健康是需要揉合身心靈的每一部分。作為一個健身愛好者多年,NASM認可私人教練和TRX認可教練,普拉提的出現源於他多年前的長期腰背酸痛。開始了這運動後,他注意到正面的心態與普拉提的鍛鍊不僅幫助他很快痊癒,更帶給他新的啟發和意義。因此,他完成了墊上,reformer和studio普拉提的認證,並開始了他的普拉提導師旅程。甘Sir現在也是普拉提導師的培訓講師。