Be Positive, every day

Happy mind, happy life. We went through cancer, pain and breakdowns, so we know wellness, happiness and freedom are about having a healthy body and mind. In a hustling and bustling city like Hong Kong, we all need our own oasis. We created Positiv Wellness so we can share a piece of ours with those who want more balance and happiness in their lives. 

Positiv Wellness is in the middle of a busy district Wanchai, but we strive to create a simple and peaceful environment using plants, recycled materials and zen design. Energy is important to what we do. In our studio, we promote vegan, cruelty-free and mindful concepts. Whether you are having a vegan snack and fresh smoothie in our outdoor balcony or training your core in a fitness class indoor, you’ll feel the positive energy running through the space. 

Join us for group classes, 1-on-1 training or unlimited passes on rejuvenating your body and mind using fitness moves, pilates, yoga, meditation and plant-based, whole foods. 

經歷過癌症或種種痛苦後,人才會明白健康、快樂和自由的重要。在繁忙的灣仔中,我們希望能提供一個簡約平和的地方給大家舒緩都市壓力和找回自己。在Positiv Wellness內,由運動、瑜伽、普拉提、靜坐、到烹飪或營養班上都是本著純素和正念的宗旨。