Happy mind, happy life.  Wellbeing, happiness and freedom require a healthy body and mind. This is why we chose to provide plant-based wellness/fitness classes. In a hustling and bustling city like Hong Kong, we all need our own oasis. We created Positiv Wellness so we can share a piece of ours with those who want more balance and peace in their lives. On the other hand, we also provide communications services to vegetarian, vegan and green businesses to help lessen some of their workload so they can focus on what they do best.

We strive to create a simple and peaceful environment using wood, recycled items and zen design. Positive energy is important here whether we are brainstorming for a vegan project, doing pilates, enjoying meditation or learning about plant-based diet. In our studio, we promote vegan lifestyle, cruelty-free products and mindful concepts. Positiv Wellness is a creative hangout where like-minded people connect, chill, exercise, play and learn together.




Positiv Wellness是一個三五知己聚集地,也是一個運動、休憩、學習健康和連結不同行業的創作空間。我們採用了木,環保物料和禪的概念,顯現了正能和優雅。在這個淨素工作室內,由會議、腦震盪、運動、瑜伽、普拉提、靜坐、營養班上等都是本著純素和正念的宗旨


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